A bespoke suit should be designed to flatter the wearer, providing practicality as well as elegance and unparalleled comfort. In an age where most suits are literally churned out into the marketplace in their thousands, our suits are made the time-honoured way of skilled artisans using the traditional tools, expertise and experience of a lifetime of tailoring.

Regardless of price, ready to wear pre-made suits must be altered for them fit properly, even then the fit is never perfect as it's a compromised product. At Niven, we handcraft each item to make sure that each and every suit is made precisely to our customer's exact requirements. This is the only way to ensure a truly exceptional product. Our expert tailors have over a century of experience between them. Whereas many high-quality, sought-after tailors have expensive premises that they must account for in their pricing, Niven Tailors have taken a modern and flexible approach to this traditional art, ensuring that they have significantly lower overheads.

We carry very little inventory, we do not pay exorbitant rents.This enables us to pass the savings on to you. This means that bespoke, high-quality suits can be made at a far lower cost than many other competitors without sacrificing any of the time-honoured skills of the tailoring profession. All of our suits are fully floating canvassed in the true traditional English tradition.All handcrafted in London, not in some far eastern factory where the main consideration is cost, not quality.I know the price of good quality wool, I don't know how some companies are offering suits at ludicrous prices.We do not do any short cuts.Quality is the most important factor in the making of a bespoke suit, something we will never compromise on.

Another core tenet of Niven Tailors is that the customer should not be merely receiving a suit, they should be its co-creator. The customer chooses which fabrics, patterns, styles and colours they desire.We play a guiding role, offering help and advice to make each suit a truly unique experience. Such a personalised service ensures that we can answer any and all questions during the selection process, as well as giving advice on which fabrics suit which season, events and environments. This way, the bespoke suit will surely be one of a kind.

Since its inception, Niven has brought this attention to quality and service to the forefront of the tailoring trade whether you need a suit for a special occasion, or for work, or for any reason whatsoever. Niven ensures that your suit will be a unique, one-off piece of artisanal craftwork, ensuring you a sublime fit and experience. With bespoke suits from £499, an everyday suit need not break the bank.

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